The power of commissioned photography

January 18, 2016

Stock photography has its place. When the budget is tight, or the image is perfunctory, there’s bound to be a perfectly acceptable stock shot to fill the hole. But when the visual has the potential to work harder, commissioned photographs are the heavy lifters. Here’s why. Keep it local. Many years ago I heard a […]

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Male or Female: Does it matter who is creating your work?

December 15, 2015

Men like straight lines and women like polka dots. So says Gloria Moss, Professor of Marketing and Management at Buckinghamshire New University. According to her research: “What men and women create, visually, is often poles apart in terms of colour, shape and theme. Repeated experiments showed a tendency for men and women to prefer designs […]

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Mad Men: What have we learned about the ad industry?

November 23, 2015

The final episode of the widely popular and critically acclaimed retro television series, “Mad Men” aired in the US in May 2015. Mad Men has been described as “bringing high art to the television masses”.[i] Art by its very nature encourages discussion and debate. The cultural references and political debate which Mad Men has spawned […]

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Our Difference

braincells is a boutique marketing and creative services agency using design-led thinking to create business growth for our clients.

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Our People

  • Howard Cearns Founder and Brand Strategist

  • Amanda Cinanni Project Director

  • Steve Boros Design Director

  • Abby Fry Strategic Planner - Project Director

  • Jeff Champtaloup Managing Partner - Creative Director

  • Rebecca Wong Senior Copywriter