Mad Men: What have we learned about the ad industry?

November 23, 2015

The final episode of the widely popular and critically acclaimed retro television series, “Mad Men” aired in the US in May 2015. Mad Men has been described as “bringing high art to the television masses”.[i] Art by its very nature encourages discussion and debate. The cultural references and political debate which Mad Men has spawned […]

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Understanding the new face of feminism – a moral or marketing imperative?

November 19, 2015

Let’s face it, somewhere along the way, maybe in the last decade or so, the word “feminism” got a bad name. Even females began to dislike it. The “f” word, as it was derogatorily coined, became synonymous with militant “bra burning” men haters. In fact, feminism became just down right unfeminine.   A feminist fatigue settled […]

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Printing as part of an integrated marketing strategy

July 23, 2015

Since the introduction of the Internet advertisers have been looking towards digital marketing as a new way to spend their advertising budget. The popularity of digital marketing can be linked to its effectiveness, potential for exposure and convenience. While it is expected that advertisers will continue to use digital marketing, there still exists a key […]

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Our Difference

braincells is a boutique marketing and creative services agency using design-led thinking to create business growth for our clients.

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Our People

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