Active brands vs
passive brands.

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“Trust” isn’t the first word you think of when it comes to social media. A long line of controversies surrounding privacy, manipulation and tracking has led to it becoming a space where consumers are as sceptical as ever. And, as consumers get more sceptical, they are continuing to become wiser to targeted advertising and branded content.

It can no longer be seen as just another advertising medium or be considered as some sort of digital billboard, and simply having social media no longer makes you stand out. To grow your brand and gain the trust of your audience you must go back to the original purpose of social media – to be social.

Before monetization and the push to collect data and advertise, social media was created as a way for people to interact with each other, see what they’re up to and have a conversation with them. So, why should brands act any differently?

Putting in the time to actively engage with your audience is essential. You cannot simply have a passive “post and leave” approach and hope to get any sort of positive response from your followers. Social media is an active medium; you must approach it with an active mindset.

The result is an interactive experience for consumers where they get to know and trust the brand through engaging with them like they would one of their friends. It can also lead to a highly engaged, passionate community of followers who share their thoughts and opinions because they feel like they’re being heard, like they are valued by the brand.

Then all of a sudden you’ve created a brand presence that has depth, sincerity and personality in a medium that has a reputation for being superficial and not trustworthy by simply… being social.