The craft behind
better branding

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We all know that brand assets impact customer engagement, brand salience, distinctiveness and memorability are all measurements of ‘good’ branding.

But when you see a brand that’s ‘wow’ or ‘that feels like me’ or ‘that’s intriguing’, this is the creation of a well-crafted identity and system that can send the message of ‘this brand is serious, this brand is quality’ before they actually say anything brand or product specific.

Anyone can create a nice-looking, professional design with a balanced colour palette and pretty stock illustrations. What’s more difficult, in today’s world is designing a well-crafted brand. This type of work is created by masters of their craft and includes sophisticated (but not overcomplicated) brand assets that send the instant, almost unconscious message: “We take our work – and you – incredibly seriously.”

A well-crafted brand has personality with all the quirks and unique traits that distinguish them from a robot. It is original, distinctive, emotionally captivating and intriguing – this is what comes out of craft and skill.

Craft goes beyond just design. Or writing. Or website. Or any brand assets. Craft allows us to tap into emotions in an authentic and experiential way. It takes caring about craft with a long term commitment to infusing originality and creativity into your brand.

In this very crowded world, where consumers decide, usually in a matter of seconds, if they will choose you, craft becomes a flag, waving above the noise, proudly declaring that your brand has quality weaved into every facet of its identity.