Empowering women over 55 facing homelessness


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Women over 55 are the fastest growing cohort of people experiencing homelessness in Australia, with a 55% increase in the number of women aged 55-75 seeking support from Specialist Homelessness Services in the past 10 years. In an effort to address this growing need, Uniting WA looked to create a state-of-the-art facility to help women who are most at risk.

The historical Wyn Carr House was built in 1923 and the building, as well as it’s namesake, has long been associated with supporting women in need. However nearly 100 years later, the building is no longer suitable to meet modern demands. In partnership with Housing All Australians, the WA state government, and generous supporters, Uniting WA aims to create a facility that honours the legacy of Wyn Carr House. This new facility will provide purpose-built transitional accommodation and best-practice services for women over 55 most at risk.

In association with Uniting WA, we assisted in the launch of the Wyn Carr House donation appeal through developing campaign messaging, marketing collateral and a promotional video.

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Working closely with the Uniting WA team, we delved deep into the details of both the critical issue and the solution that they were providing. During this process we identified the key talking points and data that would resonate most with the philanthropic target market.

We also worked very carefully on the tone of voice ensuring that it highlighted the seriousness of issue while also being hopeful and excited about the potential solution.

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Empowering women over 55 facing homelessness.


Utilising existing assets within the Uniting WA brand, we created a campaign brochure with a clear flow of messaging starting with the issue, then moving to the proposed solution and finally a call-to-action encouraging people to donate.

To support the brochure, we created event invitations and produced a 3-minute video, which debuted at the campaign launch. Using a combination of talking head shots of board members in the Uniting WA offices, as well as infographics and photography, the video struck a balance between being informative as well as evoking an emotional response from the viewer.

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PLAN / Implement

The campaign collateral has been circulating since November 2022, driving awareness and helping increase donations for the facility. To date they have managed to attract 18 pro bono partners and supporters for the project.

For more information head to https://unitingwa.org.au/wyn-carr-house/

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