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Understand / analyse

Bannister Downs is a very special dairy farm based in one of the most pristine corners of Australia, Northcliffe in the south west of WA. Established in 1924, by the Daubney family it is now owned and run by Sue and Mat Daubney.

In 2007 a decision was made to change from being a producer suppling to processors, to being a single origin brand owner. Since then Mat and Sue have been on a journey of continual product improvement with the goal of producing healthier milk, of a quality to rival anywhere in the world.

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The start point in this journey is to have the best possible environment for the animals to live. Northcliffe boasts high rainfall and hence lush pastures all year round. Coupled with that the animal husbandry is second to none with no tail docking, no veal production, even massages for cows. The cows are not pushed hard to meet high litre quotas.

The approach to processing is to take every effort to keep the integrity of the milk as undisturbed, and therefore as healthy as possible. Once the milk has been collected it is pasteurised in a continuous flow system taking 15 minutes at a low 66.6º (most other milks are pasteurised at 80º and take 5 seconds). This allows the enzymes and protein structures to stay intact and therefore be more beneficial.

Once the milk is ready for packaging it is filled in a Ecolean light pouch container. The pouch is made from polyolefins and 35% chalk reducing the amount of plastic used, and empties flat so when disposed of minimises space in landfill.

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Brand Promise

Ethically Nutritious


The brand logo and packaging had not changed for over 15 years so there was a need to navigate the consumer safely to the refreshed design as well as attract new users. The masterbrand logo was refreshed for use both on and off pack, ensuring readability of the brand name. Alongside the masterbrand logo refresh, we re-designed the packaging for Farm Fresh Milk and All Lite Milk to allow for the new brand logo to ‘pop’ from fridge shelves and to better communicate the eco-friendly attributes of the pouch.

The graphic representation of a rosette was utilised to convey highest quality and be a lock up that could sit on anything. We re-imagined the iconic image of Heather the cow, as a highly detailed, handmade pencil illustration – a portrait. Then completed the pack with the sash, another suggestion of award winning ‘agricultural show’ iconography.

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PLAN / Implement

The refreshed milk product packaging was launched into market and received positive feedback from both industry and consumers. The new packaging design has since been rolled out across Farm Fresh, All Lite, Non Homogenised and Full Cream SKU’s in various formats including a 2L bottle, 600ml pouches and 745ml glass bottle.

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