Men like straight lines and women like polka dots. So says Gloria Moss, Professor of Marketing and Management at Buckinghamshire New University.

According to her research:

“What men and women create, visually, is often poles apart in terms of colour, shape and theme.

Repeated experiments showed a tendency for men and women to prefer designs created by their own gender.

So how does this play out in our fast-moving, modern consumer society?

Most of the people doing the shopping are still women – they make a massive 83 per cent of all consumer purchases. And yet, around 80 per cent of advertising creatives, product designers and web designers (not to mention company boards) are men.

This gives us armies of ‘hunters’ seeking to win over ‘gatherers’ – when actually a greater volume of women would be to an organisations’ advantage.

We tend to imagine that our preferences are universal, but this is often wrong.”

Apparently men’s affinity for sharp, angular lines and women’s for swoops and curves is pre-programmed into our DNA thanks to our prehistoric ancestors. Luckily for our clients, Braincells is a very evolved company with an extremely rare 50/50 gender balance in the creative department.


Rebecca Wong

Senior Copywriter