Apart from the obvious apps everyone knows and uses like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
etc, I thought I’d have a look and see what else is out there for agencies to
use. Hopefully to help not hinder in all that day-to-day stuff. So here’s few
iPhone Apps I’ve found that might come in handy, with just a brief description
to go with it. These are all on the iTunes App Store if you’d like to find out

Applications for Agencies to use
Applications for Agencies to use
Applications for Agencies to use

Adobe Apps

are every ones favourite form of sending files – a must have. Although, do be
aware for Adobe products you will need an Adobe Cloud subscription. Just PDF
Reader is included as a feature in a lot of apps now. Adobe also has iPhone
apps for Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Colour CC, Connect Mobile, Connect
Viewer and more.

Applications for Agencies to use - 0

Documents Free

Free! It’s a mobile office suite – files can be opened using Microsoft Word and Excel, Open Office, Numbers, and
all major office suites.

Applications for Agencies to use - 00

Pro by Readdle

Scanner Pro transforms your iPhone and iPad
into portable scanners. It allows you to scan receipts, whiteboards, paper
notes, or any multipage document and save as a PDF file you can email or print.

Applications for Agencies to use - 01

Pro Ultimate File Manager & PDF Reader

This one costs a few dollars, but includes a
lot of stuff, from managing files/ folders, emails, dropbox, PDF reader, PDF
scanner, audio recorder, import photos/video and editing TXT files. – nice to
have it all in one app.

Applications for Agencies to use - 02


Another freebie. This one is an easy-to-use
voice recognition app that lets you dictate your message, translate it to text
(apparently five times faster than you could type it), then send it via sms or
email, or copy and paste.

Applications for Agencies to use - 03


CamCard reads business cards and save
instantly to your phone contacts. It syncs all your cards across smartphones,
tablets, computers and the web app. No more need for keeping all the paper
business cards. Eliminate your business card clutter.

There are also a lot of apps around for
managing day-to-day business. They let you record receipts (some you can
photograph within the app), track travel, manage expenses blah blah blah. All
that stuff the accounts department hassle you about at the end of the month.
Here’s just a few…

Applications for Agencies to use - 04







And finally – this
one is one of my favourites, it cost $12.99.
Everyone in the advertising industry knows and understands Pantone
colours. The app has all the libraries we’re used to using – including metallic
and pastels. It lets you capture and extract colours from a photo; save colour
palettes you’ve created or will automatically generate harmonious colour


That’s it for my app
search for now, but in my searching I did notice a little bit of a phenomenon.

There appears to be an
increase in Ad Agencies creating their own apps. These feature galleries of
their work (both print and video), plus services and contact details, pretty
much everything you’d find on a website condensed into an app. Agencies such as
Anx Agency, DDB Warsaw (#Doodad),
Gravity Global World.
What will be next!!

Deirdre Walker – Finished