A wildly different campaign for early
childhood education

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Understand / analyse

Great Southern Grammar (GSG) was founded in 1996 and opened in 1999 because there was a demand from local families to establish an independent school in the Great Southern region. It is a co-ed Uniting Church school with a Christian foundation. 


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The location of the school also means that it has a strong environmental and agricultural focus with an on site school farm, wetlands, fresh water creek, estuary like ecosystem etc.

There is a sense that the school provides “space to grow”, and “space to become yourself” without the chaos of a city environment. To those who come from country environments themselves, this is a very emotional driver. In our 2018 ELC campaign, we tapped into this unique differentiation of the school. 

Brand Promise

Where wide-open spaces equal
wide-open futures


While many Early Learning Centre’s talk about nature play, none have the access to bushland and wetlands that Great Southern Grammar does. GSG’s 144-acre campus allows it to offer truly authentic nature play and equiry-based learning that no other school can, adding another sense to a child’s learning. Activities like the fire put and learning to whittle, reinforce that GSG has a ‘Wildly Different’ approach to Early Childhood education than other schools. 

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PLAN / Implement

Wildly Different was developed as a campaign to attract new ELC enrolments. The campaign communicates the school’s unique sense of place and approach to learning and was applied to billboards, press ads and Facebook ads. 

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