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Understand / analyse

Back in 2021, Pinnacle Drinks were looking to develop a Queensland-based lager to appeal to mainstream beer drinkers in the local market. Working with a Queensland brewer, they developed a beer to suit-tropic climate as well as support the local community.


Braincells was tasked with developing a compelling brand identity that would resonate with core Queensland beer drinkers, while also having the potential to appeal to mainstream beer drinkers across the country.

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The brand essence ‘Refreshingly Queensland’ talks to modern refreshment while also reflecting the locals’ perspective that Queensland isn’t the same as the rest of the country and has its own unique personality.

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Brand Promise

Refreshingly Queensland


The name Hurricane Head was chosen. Using alliteration to enhance brand awareness and memorability, it reflected the unique sub-tropic weather conditions and independence.

The name was then personified with an illustration of a Zeus-like figure that would appeal to the target market and represent Queensland’s unique climate. The design also leant heavily on tropical-inspired colours and graphics to evoke refreshment and further connect the brand to Queensland.

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PLAN / Implement

The brand identity was then rolled out across the can and bottle packaging, with initial distribution in 2021 limited to Dan Murphy’s and BWS in Queensland, and then rolled out across the rest of the Eastern Seaboard in 2022.

Building off the success of the brand across Queensland, in 2023 we created a brand campaign using former NRL Champion and Survivor contestant, Michael Crocker (aka The Croc) as the brand ambassador. The Croc was chosen because he shared many personality traits with the brand, firstly he was a fierce competitor on the rugby field, he is a down to earth guy, who’s a typical Queenslander, and (sort of) looks like the face on the can.

The creative for both Hurricane Head campaigns were executed across high impact channels to maximise reach and frequency, including OOH, radio, digital and social media.

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