Re-energising an Iconic WA Brand


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Understand / analyse

Matso’s Broome Brewery has been around for 20 years in 2020. It has been part of the Good Drinks family since 2018 with Ginger Beer being the hero product.

With increased competition within the flavoured beer segment, new entrants are creating a much more competitive environment, creating downward price pressures, and attracting (particularly) new consumers. To secure the Matso’s brand future, braincells were asked to re-energise the packaging.

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Matso’s have always taken the road less travelled. Their tropical home in Broome is anything but ordinary, and this inspires them to strive for the extraordinary – because they’ve always had to, but also because they take pride in it.  When they think differently about flavour; they invent new ways to refresh and have the courage to ask ‘why not?’ That’s why they’ve always been truly original and ahead of the curve. 

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Brand Promise

An escape from
the ordinary


We created a new visual identity through a packaging redesign and Out Of Home campaign that communicated refreshment to consumers. It brought to life their ‘Extraordinary’ positioning, evoked tropical provenance and reinforced quality and flavour credentials. 

Given the desire to keep existing customers whilst also attracting new customers, we had to ensure the design was still a nod to the current design yet interesting enough for new customers to pick up.

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Plan / implement

Using a unique illustrative tropical setting for each SKU, along with a bright, contemporary colour palette, we created a refreshed packaging suite that generated excitement and anticipation. 

The packaging design was rolled out across all core SKU’s: Ginger Beer, Mango Beer, Chilli Beer, Chilli Ginger Beer – 330mml bottles & cans, multipacks and cartons. The new direction was also applied to Out Of Home billboards and Adshels across Australia. The new Matso’s launch was a huge success and sales for the Matso’s core range have increased as a result.

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