A fresh, Australian grown oat milk


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Brand Packaging
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Understand / analyse

In 2020, Good Oats identified an opportunity to enter the fast-growing plant based milk category with a fresh oat milk product. Unlike the competition, who are mostly long life products, being fresh will set this product apart, both in taste, ingredient list and shelf appeal.

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– Develop effective branding will lead to an improved ability to communicate the brand story and educate consumers

– Create a clear and sustainable position in the market

– Create an impactful brand name and a compelling story that articulates the agreed positioning


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Brand Promise



To develop a product with a clear and compelling difference, we identified that the core difference was ‘fresh’. However, there was also an opportunity to make the brand more compelling and defensible by making it a ‘clean’ product – uncontaminated Australian oats would be more difficult to replicate and help to identify farmers/provenance. OMG was born – standing for Oat Milk Goodness. But Oz Made & Grown or Original Mighty Grain, would be spot on too. 

The brand identity was developed and applied across:

  • Social media strategy & assets
  • Website design
  • Stationery
  • Packaging labels (bottle and tetrapak)
  • Point of Sale
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Plan / implement

The brand name and identity that braincells created is loud, contemporary and bold which has created a buzz within the barista and retail community.

The product launch exceeded initial sales targets and has national distribution across independent retailers and cafes.

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