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Understand / analyse

Since 1926, KB Food Co. has led the seafood industry. What has remained consistent though, is KB Food Co’s commitment to forging strong and trusting relationships with partners. From the beginning the company has scoured Australia and the globe in search of the fresh and desirable food solutions that add value to our partner’s and exceed the expectations of the end consumer.

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We need to tell the story behind KB Food Co. Their long history and expertise in the seafood business and their commitment to sourcing a wide range of the best quality seafood/food from around the world.

Just Caught seafood

Brand Promise

Relentlessly improving food experiences


In 2019, KB Food Co. and braincells embarked on a branding strategy roll out plan. Starting with KB Food Co. corporate logo and feeding into their key sub-brands; KB Seafood Company, KB’s and Just Caught. Clearly differentiating between each sub-brand was key.

KB Seafood Company – Australian, fresh, premium

KB’s – Sourced from around the world, for any occasion, entertaining

Just Caught – Great value seafood, snap frozen, prepped and ready to cook

KB fish
KB food

Plan / implement

Through developing brand identity and packaging, the KB Seafood Co., KB’s and Just Caught brands were developed and launched in 2019/20. The packaging has had a positive impact on sales and has been well received by consumers, internal stakeholders and suppliers. 

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