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Edible Earth
Edible Earth elixir
Edible Earth

Understand / analyse

The Ancient & Wild Organics brand has been formulating natural wholefood supplements with a mission to celebrate the healing powers of ancient and traditional medicines. The Ancient & Wild Organics range of products provide the complete nutritional balance one needs to simultaneously detox, heal, repair and re-energise the mind and body. 

Edible Earth elixir


The founder has a philosophy that flows throughout the business, that being ‘if we heal ourselves, we heal the world’. A passion to make the world a healthier one for our family and future generations is something that sets Ancient & Wild Organics apart from others in the wellness industry. 


Edible Earth gut elixir

Brand Promise

Glow with health
inside and out


In 2020, braincells were invited to refresh the brand to appeal to the target audience. Ancient & Wild Organics take a holistic approach to health and beauty by combining the earth’s pure healing ingredients with today’s science to create products that are effective inside and out. We drew upon this fundamental dynamic of the brand to develop a new logo & identity, packaging and marketing materials.

Edible Earth elixir
Edible Earth
Edible Earth

Plan / implement

braincells successfully refreshed the existing brand and developed a brand positioning, refreshed packaging and relevant marketing materials such as website, point of sale and social media assets to spread the word.

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