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Understand / analyse

MyPlace is the reliable smart home system that simplifies day to day life, backed by local support. More recently, MyPlace have expanded their offering to include security products, providing an enhanced integrated control system, for complete peace of mind.

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Step one was to examine the brand and clearly identify a positioning. We uncovered the insight that a large proportion of the target audience think about safety and security in and around their home, but less than half go on to purchase home security products. They assume it’s expensive and too much effort. MyPlace is the affordable, all-in-one smart home system for all Australians, that seamlessly integrates useful home security products that you can control from anywhere.

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Brand Promise

The useful, all-in-one smart home system
for all Australians


To make a real, genuine connection with the audience, we decided to use a brand ambassador to deliver our brand messages and marketing campaigns.

Our strategy was to use Arj Barker, the high-profile, well-known US comedian that so many Australians know and love. Arj Barker would give an outsider’s point of view on Australian smart home technology. His approachable sense of humour and admiration for technology and Australia made him the perfect ambassador to engage with customers and drive visibility and awareness of MyPlace’s new security products.

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PLAN / Implement

We created the MyPlace Arj Barker campaign to communicate MyPlace’s new security products in a fun and engaging way. Arj Barker, along with an animated personified phone character, communicated key product features in a humorous and approachable manner. The campaign aligns with the strategy, as it is talks to people that want tech, but tech that’s useful and not intimidating. The campaign creative was applied to TVC, radio, outdoor, website, pre-roll video ads and social media.

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