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Brand Positioning
Outdoor and Digital Campaign
Social Media Launch Assets
Photography/Art Direction

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Understand / analyse

Linneys is a family owned master jeweller established in 1972. Combining traditional goldsmithing techniques with advanced modern technology, Linneys has been creating fine jewellery from precious materials for almost 50 years.

To celebrate their 50th anniversary, Linneys engaged braincells to develop a creative campaign that represents the brand – both past and future. The campaign’s aim? To reinvigorate existing customers, plus attract a younger demographic seeking a contemporary and vibrant brand with an innovative product offering.


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The giving or buying of fine jewellery often marks important milestones – an engagement, wedding, baby, new job, birthday, achievement … Each piece becomes more than an object, it becomes infused with memory and meaning. It becomes part of the life story of the wearer.


Fine jewellery becomes an extension of who you are; it represents your unique style, your personality. We exhort the wearer to proudly be exactly who they are.

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Brand Promise

Bold designs inspired by Australia's unique beauty


‘A piece of you’ is personal; it conveys ownership. It is brought to life through showcasing how each piece of jewellery reflects a different ‘story’ or ‘scenario’ that’s unique to the wearer. This brings emotional depth to the campaign. It has the power to build and being part of the ‘Piece of You’ campaign becomes something people aspire to.

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PLAN / Implement

‘A piece of you since 1972’ was brought to life through an extensive outdoor campaign, digital display and social media. Campaign photography is showcased in store and in their exclusive 50th anniversary history book and catalogue.

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