Since the introduction of the Internet advertisers have been looking towards digital marketing as a new way to spend their advertising budget but what about printing? The popularity of digital marketing can be linked to its effectiveness, potential for exposure and convenience. While it is expected that advertisers will continue to use digital marketing, there still exists a key role for print as part of an integrated marketing campaign. The best way for advertisers to be marketing their business is to use as many channels as possible to reach every area of their target market.

There are many reasons why print is an effective tool for delivering your message to your audiences, and will continue to be so:

Printed Collateral

Printed collateral can form an integral part of a marketing strategy. It can capture the attention of potential customer particularly for small and emerging businesses on a tight budget. A brochure or booklet can focus entirely on a business and its offering, thereby getting undivided attention. Effective marketing campaigns are all about customer interactions, brochures are simply just another way to interact with customers and generate leads for the sales teams to follow up.

Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing enables us to contact prospective customers in a way that may be more effective than digital marketing. It is a particularly good way to target a small demographic of people. It allows you to mail advertising directly to those customers who are most likely to want what you are selling, and those who do not want to search extensively for what they want online. Many prospective clients still enjoy the ritual of reading through “junk mail” and dedicate time to looking at this.

Variable Printing

One way to engage personally with customers is by using variable printing. It isn’t a new process, but has become more popular since advancements in print technology have lowered costs. Variable printing allows each piece of media to be customised by changing certain elements from piece to piece. Personalised print media has a more powerful presence than a personalised email, as audiences can recognize that it takes more effort to customise.

Point of Sale

Point of Sale (POS) materials  are used for executing advertising campaigns, exhibitions and presentations. When well thought out and properly presented, they are an effective marketing tool. Due to their appealing and informative nature, POS materials are capable of attracting consumers attention and stimulating purchases directly at the point of sale. POS materials can include wobblers, shelf-talkers, counter cards, price tags, promotional stands, roll-stands, banners and hard posters. POS can also be integrated with QR technology to integrate an online and print marketing strategy.

QR Codes

QR codes are a great way of integrating print and digital media. When scanned with a smartphone, a QR code will take you to a homepage or a special offer page that lives on the web. Slightly different to a QR code, is NFC (near-field communication) tag. This new technology requires the touching or tapping of a NFC enabled device towards a tag, which triggers a connection with an online document. Many businesses are adopting these as a means of marketing. These technologies can be used more creatively then just connecting your audience to a website. They can be used to share files, play videos, or encourage your audience to share with others.


Signs can be an essential component of a business’s overall marketing strategy. While a sign that contains a business’s logo can help reinforce its brand it can also attract new business. Customers are more likely to purchase from a business they have already heard of, so a sign can help plant the seed for future sales. Exterior signs draw attention to your place of business and help differentiate it from others on the street. Strategically placed billboards can convey a concise message to passing motorists. You can also place vehicle graphics on the side of your vehicle to serve as a form of mobile advertising. Because an exterior sign is visible 24 hours a day, its effect is continuous.


No matter how important digital marketing becomes, there will always be a large audience can be reached through print marketing. The best way to market your business is to utilise as many channels as possible to reach every corner of your target market; this should not exclude print. Finding the right balance between various media will ensure a steady revenue flow, an increase in sales and new customers.

Sarah Parsons – Production Manager