Today, brands are looking at the largest and most influential generation, Millenials. Their ability to know what they want, their desire to do what makes them feel good, and their spending power are a few of the reasons why millennials have become highly empowered consumers.

Millennials’ are complex and non traditional they lack brand loyalty and their demanding behaviour makes them difficult to attract but they are the backbone to our future economy. No matter what industry you are in, if you can’t sell to millennials now, in 10 years’ time it is likely your business will be in trouble.

They have had unlimited access to knowledge, ideas and experiences, making them a generation of ideas and personal choice. This independence means they make their own decisions and customize to suit their own values, needs and desires.

But how can a brand get that desired millennial nod? They have a different relationship with their products and the brands that create them. They know what they want and won’t settle for anything that falls short. They have an innate understanding of marketing and their value as consumers, they expect respect and transparency.

They have grown up in the digital age and understand the power of social media. They see news breaking on Twitter before it is made public; they see companies compelled to behave better due to public backlash. In essence millennials understand the power they can have over brands.


How can marketers move into the friend zone of a millennial? Brands now have to redefine how they engage with this new and very powerful group of consumers. Here are 5 places to start when you are marketing to millenials

Don’t just tell them what your product or service will do show them how it will make them feel

Inspire to be better

Create something that can be shared

Good design is mandatory

Don’t compromise on who you are


Nicole Monchouguy

Financial Controller