Makeup Giant, L’Oreal, has recently released their new app, which quite
frankly, is genius!

This tech savvy marketing app uses facial mapping technology to
transform smartphones into your own personal makeup mirror, allowing consumers
worldwide to try on various products from the comfort of their own home!

In Australia, within the first three weeks, the app had been downloaded
over 500 000 times! The real time makeup technology tracks your facial
movements and expressions in all kinds of lighting, giving you a unique and
personalized experience.

L’Oreal Makeup Genius Link

So how is this app apart of L’Oreal’s overall vision to doubling their
customer base to two billion by 2020?

This app was created purely to create awareness for L’Oreal and their
products. With the launch itself using high profiled celebrities including Eva
Longoria, Julianne Moore and Australian Supermodel Megan Gale the high profiled
media attention for this app keeps on growing.

In Australia alone, L’Oreal has increased their digital
spending from 10% to 30% in the last two years. This is new territory for a
brand that has always been product centric and product marketing focused,
relying mainly on TV and print advertisement. Investing a large proportion of
their budget into the development and marketing of the app instead of a new
product launch is courageous move and represents a shift in the marketing

With 40-50% of all web traffic already coming from mobile
devices, L’Oreal has identified an opportunity to not only create a fun and innovative
way for consumers to view products, but also invested in the future for online
shopping and product research.

“The first and main
thing is very much through word of mouth through earned media. What we want to
do given that it’s an innovative digital technology is very much focus our
efforts in that area, with a large face-to-face launch with key media tonight,
the app is very much front and centre,” Cameron
Woods, Marketing Director.

“It’s very much to get people telling people, sharing it
with people. Ideally the love for the app and the noise around it will spread
quite organically.”

“Second to that we will underpin it with an online
media spend and trying as much as possible to integrate the app into everything
we do,” he added.

“Lots of media moving forward, making sure it’s got an
in-store presence so when people are standing in our retailers at the
point-of-purchase if they need that last moment of experiencing a product prior
to putting it on or buying it then they are able to do that as well.”

Success of this app at this point is based on the number
of downloads rather than an increase in sales. L’Oreal aimed to reach half a
million downloads by the end of the year and have reached this target in a
matter of months. Once L’Oreal has introduced the ecommerce functionality future
success can be measured by the impact on product sales.


Emily Noble – Junior Account Manager