Brand Positioning

braincells design-led services, and customer focussed approach involves a phased and thorough working process. We work with our clients to understand their business and discover consumer insights. By doing so, we create stories that resonate powerfully and position the brand in the mind of the audience.

This work culminates in braincells preparation of a brand positioning strategy that will not only inform the subsequent development of visual identity, brand development and marketing strategy, it informs clients internally to ensure all parts of their organisation are in sync with the brand, or to put it in marketing speak, ensure the brand experience lives up to the brand promise.

braincells “understanding” phase of a project commences with a detailed analysis of the landscape a project, business or service operates within and is undertaken via desktop research and through consultation with our client. This ensures a detailed understanding of the current state of play within a sector; provides insight into competitor positioning; strengths and weaknesses of an offer; identifies sector trends and uncovers key consumer drivers within the business or project landscape.
Depending upon the size and scale of a client project, further analysis of customer and stakeholder perceptions and drivers is undertaken via qualitative research. This includes engaging with current and potential customers and key sector stakeholders through in-depth interviews, focus groups and surveys. This provides a more holistic understanding of the feelings, values and perceptions that underlie and influence behavior.
Where appropriate to a project, braincells engages in desktop research and analysis to reflect upon social meanings, nuances, customs, habits and trends of social groups and community. This provides a deeper understanding of the bigger cultural picture influencing the way consumers think, feel and act and allows for a much richer and culturally attuned development in positioning a brand to its target markets.
braincells synthesize the insights gleaned from the aforementioned stages and works collaboratively with our clients in workshop settings to progress the development of a brand positioning that will resonate powerfully with its touch points. Utilising a range of proprietary strategic processes, this involves identifying target markets, key drivers, key messages, brand values, brand personality, brand characteristics, brand benefits an overarching brand proposition and essence that will distinguish it from competitor brands.

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