Project Description

Vasse Felix


You don’t become a successful pioneer, without vision, tenacity and relentless attention to detail. Luckily for the Margaret River wine region, Vasse Felix’s founder, Tom Cullity, had all 3 in abundance. In 1967, he planted the region’s first vines that led to Margaret River growing into one of the world’s premier wine regions.


Undoubtedly, Vasse Felix is one of Western Australia’s true luxury, iconic wine brands. Luxury branding is not about price or exclusivity, it is about craftsmen and connoisseurs coming together. So, when Vasse Felix approached braincells to review their brand identity our job was to simply ensure that all the hard work, investment and rich heritage was reflected in their visual identity and to do justice to the finest wine quality and timelessness inherent in the brand.

Evolution not revolution. A key addition to the new labels was ‘Est. 1967’ – a subtle reminder that this is the brand that helped start the region.


Far too often brands are subject to “change for change sake” rather than appreciating the significant time it takes to establish brand equity. Desirable, differentiated and defendable brand positioning is braincells mantra and it’s critical that brands hang on to their heritage and authenticity as a point of differentiation and reflection of quality. While evolution of brand identity is necessary over time, it is equally important to understand what design elements must be retained in the evolution process.