Project Description

The Great Greengrocer


The Perth Market Authority, who are the landlord of Market City (Perth’s wholesale fresh produce market) and the Chamber of Fruit and Vegetables (representative body of Perth’s fruit and vegetable wholesalers) engaged braincells to look at how to protect and increase sales of fresh fruit and vegetables at Market City.


Currently the major supermarket chains are not using Market City, preferring to cut costs by dealing direct with the growers. The main customers of Market City are the independent retailers (greengrocers) and the independent supermarket chain (IGA).

Research identified consumers believe the independent greengrocer provides a higher quality product than do the supermarkets, who mainly trade on convenience and price. Because of this the service expectation of the consumer was very low. However consumers are trending toward wanting more connection with where their food comes from, witnessed by the proliferation of Farmer’s markets.

There is a role for the independent retailer to once again become the ‘trusted advisor’ and be the connection between the grower and the consumer.


  • Increase sales and profitability of quality produce.

  • Generate awareness and raise the consumer’s product knowledge particularly around seasonality, quality differences and usage.

  • Achieve set KPIs of retailers joining up to the program.


  • Develop a brand positioning model that articulated a clear differentiation using internal tools and a competitive framework model that illustrated the market and the “open space” opportunity.

  • Create a brand that would restablish the Greengrocer as the ‘trusted advisor’ with those consumers who are looking for quality fresh produce, and help educate others who are dissatisfied with the average offer of national chains.

  • Develop a website which makes content readily available at all times, and operate a database marketing source for those that opt in, to be reminded of seasonal offers and uses.

Consumer tracking shows the campaign has very high awareness given budget. Also, the Great Green Grocer has extraordinary buy in with over 40 independent retailers signed up to the program. Making it the most successful program of its type in Australia.