Project Description

Spinnaker Health Research Foundation


The Fremantle Hospital Medical Research Foundation (FHMRF) was established in 1996, by yachting legend Warren Jones, to raise funds for medical research at Fremantle Hospital. However, the reconfiguration of public hospitals in the region following the commissioning of Fiona Stanley Hospital, created the need for a new foundation name, website and marketing material to accommodate the additional research centres.


Any new name and identity would need to communicate the foundation was an independent medical research foundation, helping deliver key transitional research that aligns to the southern metropolitan community health needs.


The new foundation name, Spinnaker, pays tribute to Warren Jones’ yachting connections, Fremantle’s heritage as a port city, and that medical research is about moving forward.


The brightly coloured overlapping spinnaker sails represent the idea of community and diversity, while the white cross in the centre maintains a strong medical association.