Project Description

Scotch College


Founded in 1897, Scotch College is one of Western Australia’s leading school for boys and enjoys a tradition of excellence and innovation in the West Australian community.

With a vision to be a learning community with an international standard of excellence, along with the expansion of the Junior School, coupled with the downturn of the West Australian economy, it was recognised that a compelling campaign was required to reaffirm and communicate the Scotch College offer.

A workshop with key staff, one on one interviews and a parent survey were conducted to unearth and understand the needs and insights of the learning boy, his parents and how the College delivers on these.


Demonstrate through its philosophy, structure and approach, Scotch College understands and supports the developmental needs of the boy (emotionally, physically, academically and socially) throughout his entire College journey.


By knowing the boy, we are better able
to prepare him for life.


The brand story is presented through the chronological and developmental needs of the boy enabling clear presentation of the journey of the Scotch student – from Kindergarten through to Year 12.


Live since April 2016, the campaign is planned to run through to October 2016. Channels chosen are due to best target market fit, best brand fit (culturally), budget and agility.

The campaign (so far) has been a great success and a pleasure to work on. It has been embraced by the College’s community and has fulfilled its objectives of strongly resonating with the community and dramatically increasing enrolments for 2017 and future years.