Project Description



Rich in history and tradition, PLC is one of the oldest private girls’ schools in Western Australia and the only one to offer the International Baccalaureate. In 2015, the College celebrated its centenary.
This was seen as the perfect opportunity to celebrate the College’s achievements, position the brand, and strengthen the PLC community.


PLC’s vision is to provide:

“…opportunities for generations of girls to discover their uniqueness and have the courage to strive to live by their conviction and realise their potential”.

This vision is clearly realised in the achievements of their alumni. Positioning PLC as Perth’s most inspiring girls’ school allowed us to talk about both the College’s history and how it serves its current students.


100 years of inspiring women


As this was first and foremost a celebration of PLC’s centenary, the College was keen on featuring alumni. braincells interviewed the chosen women to uncover the stories behind how their years at PLC shaped their lives. Their journeys were shared through traditional and social media.

Regional Press Ad featuring PLC Alumni Fiona Boyce



A 12-month multi-layered activity calendar was developed comprising outdoor, press and online, that worked alongside key Centenary events. This created a dense campaign that ensured maximum exposure given budget parameters.

Community feedback was extremely positive for this campaign and it generated flow through PR in local newspapers. Audience profiling resulted in excellent Facebook effectiveness. All Community Tours for the rest of the campaign year were fully booked.

Six key alumni were chosen to represent the College’s diverse
community and achievements.