Project Description

MyPlace by Advantage Air


MyPlace is designed by Advantage Air, a family-owned Australian company that started out designing and manufacturing innovative ducted air-conditioning. In the last 20 years the company have focused more specifically on smart electronic control systems, including MyPlace. In this time Advantage Air have earned a reputation for producing reliable, world-class products that make daily life easier and more comfortable. MyPlace is the reliable smart home system that simplifies day to day life, backed by local support.


Step one was to examine the brand and clearly identify a positioning. We uncovered the insight that a large proportion of the target audience think that smart home technology is exciting but daunting. They assume it’s expensive and too much effort. After researching the competitive landscape, we identified a space that MyPlace could own: MyPlace puts the joy into smart home technology. MyPlace gets people excited by smart home technology by combining simple, easy to use smart technology with exceptional, local service and support.


Putting the joy into smart home technology

MyPlace 30 Second Brand TVC


MyPlace’s target market is predominantly 35-65 years old who want smart home technology but are not tech-savvy. They are time poor and want the hassle and intimidation of smart technology taken away.
Our thinking was these people want to be taken on the journey; they want the simple to use tech with friendly service and support, so they can enjoy their smart home system. They want to feel guided by experts in smart home tech and don’t want to miss out. Our strategy was to communicate that with MyPlace, you can enjoy the benefits of a smart home – because MyPlace has the most simple to use system that seamlessly integrates with existing appliances. And best of all, it’s backed up with local service and support, that’s based right here in Australia.

MyPlace Styleguide


We created the MyPlace campaign to communicate the product features and the helpful human support. The campaign aligns with the strategy, as it is talks to people that want tech but think it’s either too complex or expensive. The 30sec brand TVC showcases the easy to use nature of MyPlace, whilst the 15sec TVC reinforces the helpful humans at MyPlace, who are there to provide service and support whenever customers may need it. The campaign creative was applied to TVC, radio, press, bus backs, website, pre-roll video ads and social media.

MyPlace Website

MyPlace Product Brochure

MyPlace 15sec Testimonial TVC