Project Description

Mrs Mac’s


“If it’s not a Mrs Mac’s, take it back!” is arguably one of the most memorable positioning lines for a WA brand. Braincells was asked to help Mrs Mac’s re-invest in the quality credentials underpinning the famous tagline by evolving the brand strategy, identity and completely redesigning the packaging. Following this, braincells implemented a communication strategy, which launched the new brand to consumers through a TVC and Digital Campaign.


We needed to tell people about Mrs Mac’s pledge to quality, reflecting that Mrs Mac’s is a family-owned company and are committed to making nourishing food the traditional way.

A responsibility for hearty, nourishing and tasty food.



Following an in-depth brand workshop, Braincells crystallised Mrs Mac’s commitment to quality in a company pledge. The pledge is used as more than just a company touchstone; it has guided the creation of all new communication material and appears on every pack, showcasing Mrs Mac’s passion for quality, responsibility to make hearty nourishing food and using local produce wherever possible.

The thinking behind the new pack designs was to create serious food appeal, by highlighting the quality of the ingredients that go into Mrs Mac’s pies and sausage rolls – to give real meaning to ‘if it’s not a Mrs Mac’s, take it back’.



As part of the redesign, Mrs Mac herself received a fresh new look – the apron is now on and she’s in charge. The ribbon device that used to surround her is now a seal of quality. A company founding date has been added to the logo to remind everyone Mrs Mac’s has been making pies for generations. There’s an appetising new brand colour, a red richer than tomato sauce, and the script font has been replaced by a modern take on tradition.

The logo sits proudly in the centre of the new packs, surrounded by key ingredients or appetising food shots set against a coloured wood background. Each Mrs Mac’s range has its own wood colour, to clearly differentiate the different Mrs Mac’s ranges. The pledge is featured on the back of every pack, reinforcing the company values of quality, responsibility and supporting local producers wherever possible.

A TVC and Digital Campaign was created to reinforce the pledge, featuring three of the many long serving Mrs Mac’s staff members inside the Mrs Mac’s factory. Intertwined with appetising, mouth-watering food shots, each team member explains the reason they say, ‘if its not a Mrs Mac’s, take it back’.