Project Description

Little Creatures


braincells and Little Creatures came together before their first brewery was even built. Back in 2001, the craft beer movement in Australia was still in its infancy.

The heavily hopped Little Creatures Pale Ale was a huge departure for traditional beer drinkers, but an intriguing prospect for the adventurous beer flavour hound. As this was the launch of a new brand and new beer category, every touch point needed to bring alive the Little Creatures’ story – distinctive beers with a creative and expressive personality


Little Creatures Pale Ale is an embodiment of the brand – fresh, creative and very expressive.


Open up a little.


From the moment drinkers saw the naked cherub on the label, they knew they were in for something completely different. There were none of the ‘blokey’ cues traditionally associated with beer packaging or advertising. The quirkiness and creativity of the beer was reflected in the label design, packaging and advertising.

With its deliberate hand made feel and offbeat sense of humour, this cinema ad for the Pale Ale pint embodied the spirit of the brand.


The proof of the strength of the Little Creatures brand is in its sale price to Lion Nathan in 2012. Little Creatures is now one of the most recognisable craft beer brands in Australia.

These single batch beers are a chance for brewers to riff on a theme, so naturally our designer followed suit and explored how many ways you can interpret a shed on a label.

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When Little Creatures branched into cider, braincells helped create the Pipsqueak brand. While it is strong enough to stand on its own, it still has the creative and crafted cues that identify it as coming from the Little Creatures’ stable.