Project Description



Impressions is part of the BGC Group and is a homebuilder servicing the first and second/third homebuyer markets, as well as multi-unit developers. When they first approached braincells, they had three separate brands with no clear positioning or visual cohesion. There was minimal consumer recognition of Impressions and what it stood for.


Step one was to examine the brand architecture and clearly identify a positioning for each of the three sub-brands under the Impressions umbrella. By analysing the competitive landscape we identified the space Impressions owns: innovation, quality, design, transparent pricing and value for money. This allowed us to distil a brand essence for each of the sub-brands.


Make a great Impression.


What makes a great impression?
A cohesive unified campaign with cut through and longevity.

Our thinking was that whatever stage of the market people are at, they want the best possible home or development they can afford. They want affirmation from friends, family and neighbours; they want wow factor, value and service. They want to make an impression, and they want to be impressed by the company they’re dealing with.

Our idea was to build instant awareness of the brand, and all the values it stood for, by continually asking, “What makes a great impression?” in all our communication. And answering it with the brand values ‘Creativity, Precision and Honesty’.


When creating the “What makes a great impression?” campaign, we were cognisant of the fact it would have to work across multiple channels. The launch campaign utilised

full-page press advertisements in the New Homes Guide, radio and online ads – this selection ensured we reached the more tech savvy, younger buyers as well as the older, more traditional buyer. This was supported with display home signage and brochures.

Once the Impressions brand and values were established, we moved into more product focused advertising for the sub-brands.

Once the Impressions brand was established, we moved into regular campaign advertising for the brand. In addition to press, web and radio, these campaigns were supported with display home signage and brochures.

As the advertising campaigns have evolved, we have continued to produce press, outdoor advertising, radio, banner ads and web banners for both Impressions the Homebuilder and Developments by Impressions.