Project Description

Boatrocker Brewing Co.


This family-owned craft brewery started in 2012/13 in Braeside, a Melbourne suburb with a mix of residential and light industry. Not content with brewing the staple range of craft beers, they ‘rocked the boat’ by barrel aging their brews in a mix of red and white French oak wine Barriques, a method the Belgians have been doing for years. The process takes time to develop and requires blending to achieve the perfect balance of flavours.


Craft beer is about going on a journey of discovery and exploring new flavours. This new beer brand would go a step further with added complexity from the use of oak, wild yeasts, fruit and vegetable infusions and the art of this style of brewing. Boatrocker’s name positions it as a beer for the truly adventurous, for those who aren’t afraid to make waves and try something very different.


Flavours that rock the boat.


The logo had to connect with the artistic method of brewing, the brand name and the suburban roots. The weather vane fitted like a glove, being common on rooftops around the area, and tied in with the cool winds that stream off the nearby Port Phillip Bay, rocking the boats docked in the harbour. The addition of the pirate’s hat on the rooster added a hint of fun, wildness and unpredictability.