Project Description

Argos FRP


ABBIX FRP (now Argos FRP) is an Australian owned and operated Australian supplier of a wide range of Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) construction products and solutions for the industrial and commercial sector.
Argos invest heavily in R&D, having spent millions since their inception, and continue to push the boundaries of FRP products and applications.


Having operated one of only a few pultrusion machines in Australia, the team has a sound understanding of the FRP industry from innovative design and manufacturing, through to assembly and project management. It is this end-to-end knowledge that makes Argos such an effective partner to solve corrosion problems. Argos works closely with a team of external contract engineers, draftsmen, stainless steel and other fixture and fitting suppliers and overseas FRP manufactures so they can deliver the best-tailored solution for clients’ needs.


braincells was engaged to establish Argos as a contractor of choice in FRP solutions for large corporates. A new  brand identity and collateral were created to re-launch Argos as a key player in the global market for FRP solutions.


After an intensive brand positioning workshop with key Abbix management, braincells was able to come up with a brand name (Argos FRP), brand identity, positioning line and application of the brand across their website and corporate brochure. The new brand identity represents glass fibres being pulled through the resin baths, also representing the structural A in Argos – a professional, innovative and strong brand identity that is reflective of their proposition ‘Innovators in delivering FRP based end-to-end project solutions in construction and maintenance for the industrial and commercial sectors in WA’.