Project Description



Aquinas College is a Catholic school for boys. Being a faith-based school, its curriculum extends far beyond academics and co-curricular activities. The College places a huge emphasis on boys’ social, emotional and spiritual development – regardless of their religion.

After a brand positioning process, a specific Year 4 campaign was developed in conjunction with the overall College brand proposition. This campaign was broadened and refreshed in 2014 with an accompanying new website launched for the college in 2015.


While other schools down played their religious heritage, braincells keenly embraced Aquinas’ point of difference and highlighted the benefits of spiritual development.


To help your son succeed we teach an extra subject.


The heart icon was first introduced over a decade ago. Rather than talk about the school’s amazing facilities, or academic tradition, we focussed on the importance of developing spiritual strength.

When Aquinas launched its Kindy programme, the heart device was cleverly adapted to outline the teaching philosophy.

Over time, the heart device continues to evolve. Currently, it focuses on the strength of character that an Aquinas education helps boys develop. It’s not what he becomes, but who he becomes.


Focus groups and brand reviews continue to confirm that the overall brand and campaign resonate strongly in both the local and school communities.

Enrolments and interest remain strong – not just from parents but also from teaching staff wanting to work at Aquinas.

When a specific Year 4 campaign was developed in conjunction with the College brand essence and proposition, all places were filled.

The heart device helps unify all communication materials and channels.