Project Description

Advantage Air


Advantage Air is a WA manufacturer and wholesaler of ducted air-conditioning that was facing threat from cheap imports. To survive and grow, they needed to create a premium consumer brand that consumers would ask retailers (the installers) for by name. And they had to do it with a marketing budget a fraction of their international competitors.


Braincells uncovered a key consumer insight:
people have different levels of comfort – your perfect temperature is someone else’s freezing.
As the only system with individual room temperature control, we were able to carve out ‘clear space’ for Advantage Air.


 ‘Ultimate Comfort’ marries the physical benefits of room temperature control, with the emotional benefit of having the most technologically advanced system available.


The animals allow us to explain the more technical aspects of air-conditioning, in an easy to understand way.

An online campaign reinforces the TV – centred on Facebook (female skew) and LinkedIn (male skew). Weather specific material is used when the forecast is 35o or above.

A remarketing campaign runs on Google network during summer.

We even redesigned MyAir’s control panel interface to reflect ‘absolute comfort’. It is now both intuitive to use and sophisticated to look at it.

The brand has very high-unaided recall, with consumers being able to recite core attribute of ‘individual room temperature control’.

Advantage Air is currently the market leader in WA with exceptional growth occurring in QLD and South Africa.